Our Horses

Our Horses

GM Kings Georgia

American Quarter Horse

Georgia is a very nice and sensitive quartermare imported from Germany. She is born 2005 and a very much appreciated horse for the more experienced riders. Full of energy and with a high ambition to perform. Very reliable and truly charming and beautiful.

Sire: Kings Topaz Wolf

Dam: Aces Roses Imprint

Height: 143 cm

Born: 2005 in Germany

Color: Bay


American paint Horse/Arab Horse

Kingstone is a very nice and positive horse. Soft and truly ambitios and with a lovely energy. Safe on the trail and very much suitable for both experienced riders as well as beginners. Born 2009 in Sweden. Came to Oak Wood Ranch in the year of 2013.

Sire: Unknown American Painthorse

Dam: Jasmin (Arab Horse)

Height: 155 cm

Cash Is Queen

American Quarter Horse

Cash is a very nice and calm Quartermare. Suitable for all riders. Safe on the trail and also well educated. Born 2009 in Sweden. Came to Oak Wood Ranch 2014.

Sire: Cash Is Smart

Dam: Skip Solano Penny

Height: 148 cm

Born: 2009 in Sweden

Color: Bay

Breeder: Johan Friberger

Show Me The Manny

American Quarter Horse

Manny is a very secure and nice horse. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders. One of our biggest horses.

Sire: HG Skipster

Grandsire: Skipsters Bid

Dam: Sophia Lark

Height: 160 cm

Born: 2008 in Sweden

Color: Chestnut

Mischevious Dee Bar

American Quarter Horse

Micha is a truly charming and lovable Quartermare. One of our first Quarterhorses, our oldest horse but she is still in great shape, with a very nice education and very much appreciated. Suitable for all riders. She has been competing in Sweden and is the perfect all around horse.

Sire: Johns Canadian Bar

Grandsire: Page the Bartender

Dam: Bouncers Lady Star

Height: 150 cm

Born: 1997 in Sweden

Color: Chestnut

Two Ways To Play

American Quarter Horse (Quarter Appendix)

Billy is our biggest horse and has a weight of approximately 630 kg. Still with his grand education he is a ballerina! He has been competing succesfully in Sweden and at the age of 5 he got a brons medal at the Swedish nationals in Hunter Under Saddle!

Billy is calm, secure and very nice at heart!

Sire: Jacs Deduction

Grandsire: Jacspin

Dam: Uplands Mayblossom

Height: 165 cm

Born: 2004 in Sweden

Color: Chestnut

Breeder: Anki Georgakis


American Quarter Horse

Frecklese is a sweet and warm horse suitable for all riders. As a 4 years old he was educated to become a Cuttinghorse. At Oak Wood Ranch he has become also a very nice and educated all around westernhorse. His pedigree talks for it self and this is a horse with great potential.

Sire: Crimson Catalyst

Grandsire: Taris Catalyst

Dam: Lady Du Lena

Height: 147 cm

Born: 2007 in Sweden

Color: Brown

BBS Jack

American Quarter Horse

Jack is a very sweet and nice horse. He is sensitive and well educated. Very much appreciated in our riding school. More suitable for experienced riders.

Sire: Frekles Flit Bar

Grandsire: Frekles Tivio Jess

Dam: Bachanna Bouncer

Height: 156 cm

Born: 2002 in Sweden

Color: Brown

Hiltops White Colonel

American Paint Horse

Colonel is a nice, sweet and well educated Painthorse. Very calm and secure on the trail. He is Imported from Denmark and with a superstunning beautifull sire: Colonel Coosader with a number of succesfull pleasurehorses on his breedinglist.

Sire: Colonel Coosader

Dam: Red N White

Height: 155 cm

Born: 2010 in Denmark

Color: Sorrel/Overo

Breeder: Hilltop Ranch/Denmark

U Be A Rocker

American Paint Horse

Rocket is a very calm and reliable horse. Our only own breeding. He is suitable for all riders. Very nice and calm on the trail.

His mother Indiana Rocker was Helenas first westernhorse and her biggest horselove in life. Rocket reminds us every day of his beautiful mom and he is a strong minded but still sensitive and well performing horse.

Sire: Impressive Oliver

Grandsire: Tom Paintball

Dam: Indiana Rocker

Grandsire: Vic Tim Rocket   

Height: 159 cm

Born: 2012 in Sweden

Breeder: Oak Wood Ranch

All pictures of our horses are taken by Mira Nyberg.

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