Lessons Western Riding

Lessons Western riding

"Courage is being scared to death, but saddeling up anyway"

Oak Wood Ranch offers private lessons and group lessons for those who are interested in Western Riding. For beginners we only offer priavte lessons. When you are more experienced you can join a group. We believe that this is important to make sure that you understand the basics and develop faster in a more constructive way wich is truly helpful for both you and the horse. All our horses are well educated, trained and ready for their job and they are all on a regular basis ridden and trained by us. Everything with a purpose to make sure that they can perform at their best and keep a good self confidence in their work.

The benefits of private lessons are many. You develop faster, understand the  work with the horse better and you are also allowed to decide for yourself when you have the time for a lesson or not.

Private Lesson 1 person 60 minutes - 45 Euro/person

Private Lesson 2 people 60 minutes - 40 Euro/person

Private Lesson 1 person 80 minutes - 60 Euro/person

Private Lesson 2 people 80 minutes - 55 Euro/person

Group Lesson 60 minutes (max 5 people) - 30 Euro/person

Our programe for Group Lessons in Western Riding will be set later during 2017!

If you are interested in group lessons in Western Riding at Oak Wood Ranch and want more information about this please send us an e-mail to info@oakwoodranch.it